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Gas Log Sets

Hargrove Western Pine gas logs in a factory built fireplace with craftsman style pillars and mantel.

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Gas logs are an open-flame appliance intended to be installed into either a masonry or factory-built fireplace. Unlike gas inserts which have a sealed firebox and produce large volumes of heat, gas logs are decorative and have large vibrant flame patterns. They are available in two general styles— charred and un-burnt. Gas logs are manufactured from either cement or ceramic fibers—the choice generally depends on how you want them to look. If gas logs are installed into an operational fireplace, the damper is required to be blocked open creating a need for the installation of fireplace doors or an electronic damper system. Gas logs are always installed with a safety-pilot system. This important safety feature ensures that if the pilot goes out, the flow of gas to the burner is automatically shut off. The main control valve can be operated manually by reaching into the firebox to turn a knob, but more commonly a hand-held remote control is installed with the gas log set. With sizes from 15” wide to 72” wide, gas logs can be installed into virtually every fireplace, including see-thru models. Typical project pricing for a gas log set ranges from $2,400-$8,000; however, project pricing varies based on complexity.

In our showroom, we display three sets of Hargrove gas logs.


Hargrove is our trusted supplier of gas logs. Their high-quality high-definition log sets provide an excellent flame and ambiance.

Stoll Fireplace Doors on a see-through fireplace with Hargrove gas logs.

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are steel enclosures with glass panes designed to cover the front opening in a wood fireplace. They can be installed on either a traditional masonry fireplace or on a factory-built fireplace and are particularly important if there is a gas log set in the firebox. Each set of doors is custom-made to match the fireplace dimensions: simply select from a wide variety of the styles, colors, designs and accessories and you’ll have the doors you want. Typical pricing for a set of custom fireplace doors ranges from $2,000-$5,000.

In our showroom, we display twelve sets of fireplace doors from Stoll and Iron Haus.


Stoll offers high-quality custom-sized fireplace doors. These doors are made to order and must be specifically built to the dimensions of the fireplace.

Iron Haus

Iron Haus also offers a unique variety of high-quality custom-sized fireplace doors.