Stoll  - Forged Iron Fireplace Doors

Stoll - Forged Iron Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are steel enclosures with glass panes to cover the front opening in a wood fireplace.  They can be installed on either a traditional masonry fireplace or on a factory-built fireplace and are particularly important if there is a gas logset in the firebox.  Each set of doors is custom-made: simply select from a wide variety of the styles, colors, designs and accessories and you’ll have the doors you want. 

In our Showroom, we display twelve sets of fireplace doors from Stoll and Iron Haus.  

Golden Blount Gas Firepit - Evergreen, CO


Firepits are outdoor appliances that are built in a factory or constructed onsite.  Manufactured firepits are either round, square or rectangular and usually have a BTU rating from 60,000 – 80,000/hour.  The choices in style and design of site-built firepits in nearly unlimited.  They have six basic components – enclosure / burner / plate / media / ignition system / optional controls.  To get the firepit you want, simply make a selection for each component and it will look and operate the way you want.  Firepit enclosures are most commonly round, but can be constructed in any shape you choose.  Burners range in BTU rating from 60,000 to over 300,000/hour.  You can have glass or logs or rocks – or a combination! – to top off your firepit.

We display seven operational firepits with burners from Warming Trends and Hearth Products Controls.

See the fireplace Doors in our Showroom

Ironhaus Door Display.jpg

Doors by Ironhaus


‧Custom sized and fabricated

‧Variety of door shapes: Rectangular, Arched, Slim-line, Single-panel, pocket doors

‧Available finishes: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Grey, Brown, Stainless, Pewter, Black, Swedish Blue, and many more

Ironhaus Single Door



‧ Custom sized and fabricated

‧ Hammered texture

‧ Black Brass finish

Stoll Copper Vein Bifold Doors.jpg

Stoll Bifold Doors


‧ Custom sized and fabricated

‧ Copper Vein finish

‧ Grey Glass

Stoll Forged Iron Charcoal Doors.jpg

Stoll Double Doors


‧ Custom sized and fabricated

‧ Forged Iron texture

‧ Charcoal finish

‧ Grey Glass

See the Firepits IN our Showroom

Golden Blount 24in Firepit - Built Onsite.jpg

Golden Blount 24" Firepit



‧ Site-built

‧ Landscape stone enclosure

Golden Blount 36 - Firepits - Built Onsite.jpg

Golden Blount 36" Firepit


‧ Site-built

‧ Decorative rock media

‧ Landscape stone enclosure

Pavestone Rumblestone 38in Square Site-built.jpg

Pavestone Rumblestone 36" Square Firepit


‧ Site-built

‧ Warming Trends Burner

‧ Hargrove Log set

‧ Decorative river rock

‧ Landscape stone enclosure

Stonebuilt Concepts 50in round with Capstones.jpg

Stonebuilt Concepts 50" Round Colorado Firepit


‧ Capstones

‧ HPC burner

‧ Decorative fire glass

‧ Rounded stone enclosure

Warming Trends 60K.jpg

Stonebuilt Concepts 44" Square Firepit


‧ Capstones

‧ Warming Trends Burner

‧ Hargrove Log set - Wilderness Char 20" over rocks

‧ Ledger stone enclosure

Warming Trends 120K.jpg

Custom Granite Table Firepit


‧ Warming Trends Burner

‧ Decorative fire glass

‧ Hargrove log set

‧ Table hide-away enclosure