Harman Accentra 52i Pellet Stove Insert - Evergreen, CO

pellet Stove inserts

Pellet stove inserts are simply pellet stoves with the legs or pedestal removed. Pellet stove inserts are designed to be installed into the firebox of a typical masonry wood fireplace but can be framed into a wall in new construction or remodeling. Pellet fuel is compressed sawdust—here in Colorado pellets are usually manufactured from beetle-kill trees. Pellet-fuel appliances combine the advantages of wood fuel with the convenience of gas appliances. They are controlled by a circuit board that controls the voltage sent to each component, meaning they burn extremely efficiently. Pellet stoves can be operated continuously or controlled by a thermostat, giving you complete control over the heat output of the stove. Like direct vent gas appliances, pellet stoves can terminate horizontally. They are excellent choices for heating isolated areas such as basements and workshops. Pellet stove inserts input rating ranges from 35,000-52,000 BTU/hour. Click here to see pellet stove inserts in our showroom.

In our showroom, we display Harman pellet stove inserts – the Country’s leading pellet stove brand – and are also dealers for Lopi.

See the pellet stove inserts in our showroom