Harman P43 Pellet Stove installed in Evergreen, CO

pellet stoves

As hearth appliances, pellet stoves combine the advantages of wood-burning with the convenience of gas appliances. Pellet stoves can be operated with a constant heat output or can be thermostatically controlled. These appliances use a circuit board to control the voltage sent to each internal component, meaning exceptionally efficient burning. Pellet fuel is compressed sawdust—in Colorado, pellets are most commonly manufactured from beetle-kill trees. Like direct vent gas appliances, pellet stoves can terminate horizontally. They are an excellent choice for heating isolated rooms or areas, such as basements and workshops. Pellet stoves range in output from 30,000-68,000 BTU/hour. Click here to see pellet stoves in our showroom.

In our Showroom, we display Harman pellet stoves – the Country’s leading pellet stove brand – and are also dealers for Lopi.

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