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Mantels can either be a ‘full mantel’—with side legs and a shelf—or a ‘shelf mantel’. Shelf mantels are much more common—we display at several in our Evergreen showroom. Shelf mantels can easily be divided into four categories: simple wood beams, crafted wood beams, steel and concrete. Simple wood beams are just wood timbers cut to the appropriate size and stained prior to installation. Crafted wood beams come from shops like The Rustic Mantel Company. They are creatively styled and shaped to give a specific appearance—such as a quarter-round log with knots. Steel mantels from Stoll Industries have multiple heights and widths and can be purchased in dozens of colors to achieve either a modern or a rustic appearance. Concrete mantels from Magra Hearth have the appearance of wood beams but are constructed of non-combustible materials allowing them to be placed closer to the fireplace opening. A mantel ranges from $300-$2,000 based on material selected.


Ledgerstone is a great way to finish a fireplace project. Made up of interlocking panels of stacked stone mounted to a backing material, ledgerstone is a great way to add natural stone cladding to a surface with ease.


Tile is a versatile way to finish a fireplace, stove, or insert project. Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, there are plenty of tile options for you.


Whether it’s the classic Colorado moss rock or something more contemporary, quality masonry work can be the perfect finish for a fireplace project.

Other Finishes

We’ve featured a few of the most common fireplace finishing materials above; however, your choices for finishing materials are only limited by your imagination and the combustibility of the materials in question. Below are a few uniquely finished fireplace projects.