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A gas firepitwith a Warming Trends burner burns with trees in the background.

Firepits are outdoor appliances that are either factory or site built. Manufactured firepits are either round, square, or rectangular and usually have a BTU rating from 60,000 – 80,000/hour. Style and design options for site-built firepits are nearly limitless. They have six basic components—enclosure, burner, plate, media, ignition system, and optional controls. To get the firepit you want, simply make a selection for each component and it will look—and work—the way you want. Firepit enclosures are most commonly round but can be constructed in any shape you choose. Burners range in BTU rating from 60,000 to over 300,000/hour. You can have glass or logs or rocks—or a combination—to complete the look of your firepit. Project pricing for pre-manufactured gas firepits ranges from $1,000-$4,400. For site-built firepits, the range is typically $2,500-$9,300.

We display six operational firepits with burners from Warming Trends and Hearth Products Controls. We are also dealers for Golden Blount outdoor fire products.

Warming Trends

Warming Trends offer high-quality firepit burners with many unique options as well as ready-to-finish firepit kits in a variety of shapes and sizes.