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Mendota FV46 gas fireplace in a stylish modern room in Fairplay with a view of the mountains across South Park.

As the most popular category of hearth appliance, gas fireplaces have the largest variety of sizes, styles, colors and options available. The fastest growing style of gas fireplace is ‘linear’—the glass is wider and shorter than traditional fireplaces. Modern fireplaces can be installed directly onto a plywood base, making them ideal for installation during new construction and remodeling projects. All of our gas fireplaces are ‘direct vent’—they use ‘two-way’ vent pipe that has an outer and an inner chamber to bring air into the firebox and take the exhaust back outside. Direct vent technology ensures that no air from the living environment is ever used for combustion, and allows for the vent to terminate horizontally. The input rating on gas fireplaces ranges from about 20,000-60,000 BTU/hour. As with all hearth appliances, the ceramic glass window radiates the largest percentage of heat into the room. Additional heat is available from a heat-circulating blower system. Cost for a typical gas fireplace installation with venting, labor, and tax ranges from $5,500-$14,500.

In our showroom, we display sixteen models of gas fireplaces from Mendota, Fireplace Xtrordinair, Valor, American Hearth, and Kozy Heat. We are also dealers for Regency and Hearthstone.


When it comes to quality and heat production Mendota is our top-of-the line manufacturer. These gas fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles with near-infinite combinations of design options.

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Fireplace Xtrordinair

Also known as FireplaceX or FPX, this brand offers high-quality gas fireplaces with a very popular line of linear gas fireplaces.


Valor gas fireplaces are strong heaters known for their modern style. Their unique HeatShift™ system reduces clearances and pushes heat out into the room.

Kozy Heat

Kozy Heat offers a solid-quality line of gas fireplaces. This basic models have a limited variety of looks but bring the heat.