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Woodstove inserts are designed to transform and retrofit older, open fireplaces from inefficient, decorative appliances into highly-efficient systems that can heat large areas of your home.  Unlike fireplaces that are installed ‘into’ a wall, inserts must have an existing fireplace to be placed inside of.  Traditionally, a significant portion of the body of a woodstove insert would sit out onto the hearth, however they are more commonly designed to have the door sit flush with the opening of the fireplace.  As with all hearth appliances, the ceramic glass in the door radiates the largest percentage of heat into the room.  Additional heat is available from a heat-circulating blower system.   The best way to quantify the size of a woodstove insert is by the size of the firebox.  Modern woodstoves are much more efficient than those of the 1980’s, so they have a smaller firebox.  Firebox volumes ranges from about 1.2 cubic feet up to 3.0 cubic feet.  The length of log that the firebox can accommodate ranges from about 16” up to 24”. Click here to see wood-stove inserts in our showroom.

In our showroom, we display ten models of woodstove inserts from Fireplace Xtrordinair, Lopi and Vermont Castings and are also dealers for other brands such as Kuma, Harman, Osburn, Morsø and Pacific Energy.

For tips on how to more efficiently use your woodstove insert click here.

see the woodstove inserts in our showroom

Fireplace Xtrordinair Medium Flush Wood Plus Arched wood insert in our Evergreen CO showroom

FireplaceX Medium Flush Wood Plus Arched

‧ Wood Insert - 73,300 BTU
‧ Steel Surround, Arched Door
· Arched Metropolitan Front
‧ 2.2 cu ft Firebox
‧ 24” Logs
‧ Flush mount style
‧ Choice of Fronts
‧ Blower Included
‧ Most Popular Woodburning Insert


FireplaceX Large Flush Hybrid

‧ Wood Insert - 83,200 BTU
‧ Steel Surround, Metropolitan Front
‧ 3.0 cu ft Firebox
‧ 24” Logs
‧ Flush mount style
‧ Hybrid technology creates ultra-low emissions
‧ Blower Included


Lopi Freedom

‧ Wood Stove Insert - 73,300 BTU
‧ Steel Surround, Black Door
‧ 2.9 cu ft Firebox
‧ 24” logs
‧ Fan
‧ Steel body
‧ Superior Quality
‧ Choice of 3 door colors
‧ Optional heat-circulating blower
‧ Choice of flush-mount or extended top


Lopi Republic 1250

‧ Wood Stove Insert - 66,800 BTU
‧ Steel Surround
‧ 1.6 cu ft Firebox
‧ 18” Logs
‧ Fan – Not Included as shown; optional
‧ Steel body
‧ Value Line
‧ Optional heat-circulating blower


Vermont Castings Montpelier

‧ Wood Insert - 40,000 BTU
‧ Steel Surround 4.5”, Classic Black
‧ 2.0 cu ft Firebox
‧ 22” Logs
‧ Flush mount style
‧ Cast iron front
‧ Blower included

Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 installed in our fireplace store in Evergreen

Hearthsone Green Mountain 70

· 75,000 BTU
· Cast Iron Faceplate and Door
· Multiple Finishes Available
· 2.5 cu ft Firebox
· 20” Logs
· Optional Outside Air Kit


Regency Classic H2100

‧ Wood Stove Insert - 70,000 BTU
‧ Steel Surround, Black Door
‧ 1.6 cu ft Firebox
‧ 18” Logs
‧ Blower
‧ Rear Exhaust
‧ Designed as a hearthstove
‧ Optional legs for freestanding stove


If you like what you see or want something a little different, we can help. As dealers for several leading brands of wood-burning insert manufacturer, we have many fireplace options beyond what is in our Evergreen showroom that can be selected and customized to suit your heating needs, design style, and size constraints.

Why Choose A woodstove insert?

‧ Cordwood is a naturally occurring renewable resource – Not a fossil fuel
‧ Zone-Heating concept --- Heat where you live
‧ Turns your inefficient fireplace into a powerful heater
‧ Highly efficient
‧ EPA-Certified / Okay to operate on “No-Burn Days”
‧ Large glass viewing area
‧ Attractive flush mount models are available
‧ An alternative fuel source to heat the home


If you’re looking for quality wood-burning insert sales and installation, you’ve come to the right place. Our NFI-Certified showroom staff and installers will put your insert project on track and work with you to choose the right wood insert for your room and style for your home. Visit our showroom at 7001 Highway 73 in Evergreen, contact us via the form on our contact page, or give us a call to start your wood insert project today!


If you’re looking for information about how to get the most out of your wood burning appliance or you suspect you may be running your stove inefficiently, the Environmental Protection Agency has a variety of resources in multiple languages to help you. These tip sheets and brochures have everything you need to know about wood burning appliances and selecting the proper fuel for your appliances.

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Wood fueled product displays in our showroom in Evergreen, CO